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Pistachio Opener - Open PistachiosBurger Buddy Burger Molds

Say hello to your burgers new best Buddy! The "Burger Buddy" one piece burger molds! They are simple, easy to use and clean. Say goodbye to uneven, fall apart burgers.


1 PISTACHIO OPENER & One Burger Buddy Hamburger Mold







When using your Burger Buddy you'll make a perfect burger every time. Each package includes two Buddies for two different sized burgers, one 1/3 lb. and one ¼ lb. Mix in your choice of spices for the perfect burger!

Place your Burger Buddy of choice on a flat surface (wax paper works great) and place burger in center of mold. Press burger until flat and even. Remove Burger Buddy and cook burger in fry pan or on grill. You'll be amazed with your perfect burger.